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It is the story of a girl, Bony, entering an abandoned mansion to rescue her friends and her cat Boneko. Once inside, she finds him transformed into a hat with strange new powers. They have to team up and explore the mansion to find the others and restore Boneko's original appearance.

  • Boneko is an upcoming retro plateformer embarking you on a weird adventure.
  • Through maze-like levels, you will unlock your path with new empowering abilities.
  • Acquire them as you defeat bosses and progress in the story involving many dialogues with quirky characters.

The project has been rebooted in October 2017, one year after the release of the original prototype, which was itself made one year prior.
This new version of Boneko will be a full paid game, featuring a new story, with new characters and enemies (with bosses this time!), and new challenges.

A devlog is posted at least every Saturday, showing a GIF of what is in the works. Feedback is much appreciated as nothing shown is set in stone!


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I enjoyed playing this game, right up to the part where I keep dying to the witch :(

I noticed that if you're not careful, you'll end up missing one of the collectibles (the black/near black boot), due to the placement of breakable blocks that make it hard to get back up to a certain platform :(

Aside from the game freezing at times whenever you lose all your health, this was a nice game to play. I'll be keeping an eye on this one, and look forward to playing the full version when it's out :)


This was sooooo good! I'm always drawn to old school platform / action games, being of the Sonic and Mario generation (that seems weird to say since those guys span so many generations).

Anywho, this is adorable. And fun. And adorable. And super hard. And adorable. And a little bit frustrating. But most of all adorable. Honestly, I can't praise you guys enough, and even though I did rage quit once I felt compelled to come back and complete this small demo (mostly because I felt guilty about raging).

I am massively looking forward to seeing what become of Boneko, and I'll be keeping a very close eye on your progress! Keep up the amazing work! =)

This is fun, even the current version, it would be nice to have a save system and I'd just enjoy that, but the new version you're working on looks fantastic. I love the quirky dialogue and ridiculous powers. I was dumb and died at the witch. Game froze as warned.


Will you be releasing this on Steam, and if so will you be implementing Steam Achievements?...thanks in advance for your time and the game looks amazing!


We intend to release it on Steam too, so we'll do our best to put cool achievements in the game. And thank you for your interest!

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le jeu est sur un chapeau chat appelé Boneko, et une fille avec le visage toad.

La chose drôle est que, dans la fin, l'hôtel était sous la forme du mot END.