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Boneko is an upcoming retro plateformer embarking you on a weird adventure.

It is the story of a girl, Bony, entering an abandoned mansion to rescue her friends and her cat Boneko. Once inside, she finds him transformed into a hat with strange new powers. They have to team up and explore the mansion to find the others and restore Boneko's original appearance.

Available prototype :

The prototype available here was made in 2015 and does not represent the final game. It features a different story and less content. It was made with Game Maker: Studio while the final game is being made with Unity. You need to use an Xbox 360/One controller or a keyboard. If you are using another controller, you need to find a software to emulate the Xbox 360 controller, such as x360ce.

This game is an early prototype made in a short amount of time. There are still some bugs, the most annoying one being the game crashing when loading a save, notably after a death. This is due to the use of the default saving and loading functions of Game Maker: Studio, which are not very good, to say the least.

Controls :

Use the left and right keys to move (D-pad on controller).
Use the space key to jump (A on controller).

Once you gained the ability, use X key to shoot (X on controller).
Once you gained the ability, use the down key in mid-air to make a ground pound attack (D-pad on controller).

Press the enter key to display your collectibles (Start on controller).
Press the escape key to go back to the title screen (Back on controller).

Press F to switch between windowed and full-screen.

Install instructions

This is a prototype made in 2015 with a different story and less content, made with Game Maker: Studio. 

WARNING : high chances of game crashing when dying!


Boneko Legacy Prototype 7 MB

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le jeu est sur un chapeau chat appelé Boneko, et une fille avec le visage toad.

La chose drôle est que, dans la fin, l'hôtel était sous la forme du mot END.